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Traditionally, on the eve of the plenary session, the most important legislations introduced on its agenda were gathered by members of “The Obnovlenie” (Renewal) parliamentary faction. This time, Deputy Prime Minister Stanislav Kasap and Defense Minister Oleg Obruchkov took part in the faction meeting. He was the first to be given the floor on the law-in-draft concerning universal conscription and military service. According to the defense minister, some amendments to the basic law are caused by a number of changes in the principles of the formation of the republic’s Armed Forces. This is, first of all, electronic registration of citizens, the production of registration, discharge, registration of citizens, including those liable for military service, exclusively in the passport offices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, changing the mechanism for forming medical conscription fees, automation of military registration, etc.

Having generally supported the amendments to the law “On Universal Military Duty and Military Service,” members of the faction took conversation with the head of the power department out of its limits. In particular, deputies Andrei Mezhinsky and Sergey Vasilyev once again raised the issue of organizing military gatherings and calling them to military service.

The colleague was supported by the parliamentarian Sergei Vasiliev, who believes that it is necessary to recruit the same peacekeeping force from Pridnestrovie on a permanent basis. As the Minister of Defense Oleg Obruchkov assures, significant financial means are required for this. At the same time, he noted that, entering the position of heads of economic entities, the Ministry of Defense is reducing the period of passing military training camps. Increasingly, one-day, five-day.

Members of the faction supported the opinion of deputies of the relevant committee on economic policy, budget and finance, who decided to exclude from the list of organizations designated in the legislative initiative of the government to privatize and incorporate, the Expocentre of Pridnestrovie and two medical facilities, including Tiramed. .

It was not easy to discuss the issue of adjusting the provisions of the law on the republican budget for the current year. This, in particular, is the allocation of 34 million rubles for the purchase of medical equipment and 13 ambulances.

Some colleagues in the faction supported her in this, but the majority still voted for the budget expenditures proposed by the government and supported by the parliamentary committee: the purchase of medical equipment, including for those facilities that will be repaired this year under the capital investment program.

Chairman of the Government Alexander Martynov has been invited to the next meeting of the of “The Obnovlenie” faction, which is scheduled to take place on July 16. On July 17, he will submit to the Supreme Council a report on the work of the highest executive body in 2018.