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The Russian world in Pridnestrovie


"Pridnestrovie is a part of the Russian world. Current state and prospects"- a round table with this title was held at the site of the Pridnestrovian State University. Together with the PSU, the organizer was the Dniester-Prut Information and Analytical Center. The event was attended by representatives of the public, the scientific community, as well as members of the Supreme Council. As a key expert, a well-known Russian political scientist, Sergei Mikheev, was invited to talk. The conversation with him took place in the format of a teleconference.

Pridnestrovians do not think themselves without Russia and outside the Russian world, such events contribute to the breakthrough of the information blockade, the participants of the space bridge expressed their conviction. Therefore, it is important for the republic beyond its borders to speak more often and louder. In response, Sergei Mikheev suggested that he consider himself "the personal information conductor of Pridnestrovie".

The expert assured that Pridnestrovie is still at the center of Russia's attention, and a small decrease in attention to it is due to political changes in the country. Sergei Mikheev stated that the peoples of the Russian world have always been and will be united by history, language, culture and traditions.

The round table continued in the format of a teleconference, in which parliamentarians Mikhail Burla, Andrey Safonov, Igor Buga and Ilona Tyuryaeva took an active part. The participants in conclusion expressed their hope that such meetings would become regular.