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Happiness to be Mother


7 babies were born in the capital on the eve of the International Women's Day. The Parliament Speaker Alexander Korshunov, his deputy Galina Antyufeeva, deputies Peter Pasat and Ilona Tyuryaeva congratulated the newborns Pridnestrovians and their mothers.

A present gift for March 8 for Anna Mirosh was the birth of baby Anastasia. The girl weighs more than three kilograms. Her mother feels good and does not hide tears of joy. The leadership of the Supreme Council prepared useful gifts and presented flowers to Anna and other mothers who gave birth to babies on the eve of March 8. The speaker of the parliament personally congratulated the happy mothers on the birth of their children.

The parliamentarians during the improvised excursion were shown the conditions. Deputies examined and superior chambers to ensure the quality of provided medical services. People’s deputies were shown reanimation for newborns. The smallest patient is in one of the special boxes. The baby was born early, weighed only 800 grams. Thanks to modern technologies and close attention of medical workers, the boy gradually gained weight, now he weighs 1.5 kilograms.

Gala concert was organized for the staff of the Republican Center for Mother and Child. Creative numbers were presented to them by artists of the Palace of the Republic. Medical staff mostly women were addressed by parliamentarians.

Peter Pasat noted that he knows firsthand how difficult and self-sacrificing is the work of medical workers.

The high level of medical services provided was noted by his colleague Ilona Tyuryaeva. She was born in the maternity hospital of the capital, later she returned here as future mother.

They talked about the success of the medical facility. According to chief physician of the center Natalia Slepukha, child mortality has significantly decreased in recent years. In addition, last year, the first in Pridnestrovie medical training center was opened here. Doctors will be able to improve professionalism, training on mannequins.

Many employees of the center on the pre-holiday day received Letters of Thanks and Letters of recognition from the Supreme Council.