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"Buy Pridnestrovian!"


Last Sunday, the fifth exhibition-fair "Buy Pridnestrovian!" was held at the Victory Square in Rybnitsa, according to the website of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. More than 110 producers of various industries took part in it. These are agricultural enterprises, entrepreneurs and peasant farms of Rybnitsa district. Among them there are 12 food industry enterprises, 8 representatives of light industry, 8 - industrial production and others. Their products were presented both by well-known enterprises and by small-scale business beginners.

Residents of Rybnitsa and guests of the city were able to familiarize themselves with a wide range of goods and services.

According to Vice President of CCI Vasily Kozhan, the fair has turned into a kind of patriotic movement that allows the Pridnestrovian buyers to get acquainted with the products of local producers.

According to the already established tradition, in the end of the exhibition "Buy Pridnestrovian!" the passing symbol of the project from Rybnitsa was transferred to Kamenka, where the fair will be held on August 26. Head of the state administration of Rybnitsa district and Rybnitsa Vyacheslav Frolov handed over the baton to the deputy head of the state administration of Kamensky district and Kamenka on social issues Galina Trublayevich.

Legislators Andrei Safonov, deputy of Kirovsky constituency No. 20, Vadim Kravchuk, representing the interests of the residents of the Griboyedovsky election district No. 18, Yakov Galak, deputy for constituency No. 21 Vasily Kunitsky, parliamentarian for electoral district No. 22 "Bolshe-Molokishsky". During the summer they devoted active communication with the inhabitants of Rybnitsa. So, Andrey Safonov held a reception of citizens on August 3, the next reception is scheduled for the 10th day of the month.

The deputy wrote on his Facebook page: "Dear voters, dear friends! I hereby inform you that the planned reception of voters will be held on August 10. In the future, a short vacation break will be taken. The date of the new reception will be announced additionally, and from that date the receptions, as always, will be weekly."