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What laws come into force after the New Year holidays in Russia


In 2020, insurance pensions for non-working pensioners will be indexed in the Russian Federation by 6.6 percent. The increase will affect 31 million non-working pensioners.

The size of maternal capital is also increasing. In 2020, it will amount to 466 617 rubles. The minimum wage was increased by 850 rubles. Starting from the New Year, it will amount to 12 130 rubles, that is, 100% of the cost of living of the able-bodied Russian for the second quarter of 2019

Starting January 1, health workers who have discovered cancer during medical examinations and preventive examinations will begin to pay incentive payments. As Leonid Ogul, deputy chairman of the State Duma Health Protection Committee, explained earlier, it is planned to spend one billion 200 million rubles a year on these goals.

The transition to electronic work books begins. Until December 31, 2020, each employee will have to make a decision - whether he wants to leave a paper work book or switch to electronic, and inform the personnel department about the choice. If an employee refuses a paper work book, they will be returned to him, and the employer will no longer be responsible for its maintenance. If for some reason the employee cannot inform about his decision, the employer will continue to keep a paper work book.

A black list of guardians and adoptive parents will appear in Russia. The state database of orphans will begin to include information about citizens deprived of parental rights, as well as discharged guardians for the improper performance of the duties assigned to them by law. In addition, information about former adoptive parents, whose duties through their fault were canceled by the court, will be included.

 Children's payments will be able to receive more families. Earlier, Vyacheslav Volodin noted that such a decision will almost one and a half times expand the number of recipients of these funds. From now on, this payment will cover approximately 70 percent of Russian families where the first or second child was born. In addition, from 2020, payments will be made until the child reaches the age of three years (until now - up to 1.5 years).

Smokers will return to areas designated for pre-registered passengers registered for the flight, as well as in transit sections of airports. As the author of the document explained, the First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Information Technologies and Communications Sergey Boyarsky, this norm is designed to eliminate the need to breathe tobacco smoke from non-smokers, including women and children.