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Republican newspapers: 25 years of the chronicles of Pridnestrovie


Collectives of republican newspapers in Russian, Ukrainian and Moldavian languages ​​- Pridnestrovie, Gomin and Adeverul Nistrian - write the chronicles of our state during 25 years. The founders of the official press are the Supreme Council and the Government. Thousands and thousands of issues were published, the composition of editorial staffs, location of their editorial offices changed, all these years remained the same - desire to promptly and reliably inform readers about what the republic lives, and most importantly, its people during 25 years. Heroes of publications shared their experiences, offered, complained, talked about themselves from the pages of newspapers. Today, the main characters were the editorial staff themselves on the day of the anniversary. They have honors and congratulations from the leadership of the republic, the founders, and the relevant department.

The head of the legislature of the republic expressed confidence that fidelity to professional duty, objectivity and responsibility to a demanding audience will continue to serve as the main guidelines for journalists, the entire editorial staff in their daily activities.

The parliamentarian fulfilled the honorable mission and handed the letter of thanks of the Chairman of the Supreme Council to the veteran of the Pridnestroivie newspaper Lyudmila Chebotarenko. She worked as a parliamentary correspondent more than 15 years.

State awards on behalf of the head of the President were presented to distinguished editorial staff of three leading print media, wishing them new creative successes. The Order of Merit of the 2nd degree was added to the Order of Honor, which the Pridnestrovie newspaper was awarded earlier.

The leaders of the three newspapers during the celebration spoke about the main stages in the formation of periodicals, their present and future plans.

It is noteworthy that the journalists of the country's main newspaper made a present to countrymen, having timed to coincide with their own jubilee the release of the first part of the book “Dear Little Homeland”. It contains more than 150 essays on rural settlements of the PMR, which had previously been published on newspaper pages.

On this day, many warm words of congratulations from government bodies, public organizations, enterprises, publication heroes were addressed to the anniversaries.