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Responding to appeals of voters


The ecological situation in the capital remains in the center of attention of the deputies of the Supreme Council. Recently complaints against Tiraspol residents and residents of nearby villages on unpleasant smell increased.

Leaders of the profile services were invited to participate in the plenary session to clarify the situation, on May 30. Experts confirmed the presence of facts of exceeding the concentration of phenol in the air, emphasizing that there is no danger to the health of citizens.

The head of the State Service for Environmental Control and Environmental Protection Vasily Sotnikov said that during the raid on an abandoned landfill specialists found places for burning electrical wiring and plastic. Thus, according to experts, abuser extracted non-ferrous metals.

They returned to this issue discussion a week later. In the course of the plenary session held on June 6, the deputies adopted a resolution of the Supreme Council. Responding to the appeals of their electors, parliamentarians gave a number of instructions to the government.

He emphasized: the deputies will do their best to understand this problem and prevent its recurrence. The government should submit the results of the inspections to the end of June.