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Development of geography, history and tourism


The III Republican Scientific and Practical Conference on the Development of Geography, Local Lore and Tourism in the PMR was organized by the Natural-Geographical Department of Pridnestrovian State University. Such conferences are held annually. This year, the conference framework was expanded, geography and local history were added to the issue of tourism development, since local history is a necessary basis for competent tourism activities, especially for inbound tourism.

In his report, the head of the parliamentary committee on education, science and culture, candidate of geographical sciences Mikhail Burla emphasized that this stage of development for Pridnestrovie at is important to search for activities that may not be quite traditional. It is precisely such non-traditional activities that can solve a number of problems in the sphere of finance and employment. In recent years, the state pays great attention in this context to tourism. A regulatory framework has been created in Pridnestrovie that regulates tourism activities. There is a special law “On Tourism and Tourism Activities”, there are other regulatory acts. Under the government, in 2014, the Tourism Coordination Council was created, which includes representatives of structures of almost all government bodies, travel agencies, and state university. Last year, for the first time in the history of our republic, the President approved the Pridnestrovian Development Strategy. This policy document focuses on tourism development. Not so long ago, the Supreme Council adopted the state target program for the development of tourism.

Today, according to the parliamentarian, a unique situation has arisen in Pridnestrovie, since all power structures work in unison in the field of tourism. In addition to government agencies, non-governmental organizations also play an important role in tourism development. The compactness of the region allows the state to effectively work with representatives of travel agencies throughout the republic.

A report on the cultural and educational mission of tourism the conference participants  was made by Elena Gadzhieva, the candidate of geographical sciences, Head of Department of Natural Sciences and Geography, Leningrad State University named after Pushkin. She emphasized the importance of training professional personnel in the tourism sector. In addition, reports on the development of ecotourism, rural and ethnic tourism, as well as the development of the tourism potential of the Dniester River, were heard at the conference.