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Expanding government support


There will be more families considered to have many children in the republic. Today, the Supreme Council adopted in the final reading a law that expands the concept of “large family”. This category will now include families raising three or more children, including a student with a disability since childhood studying at the correspondence department. The status of a large family will be extended until the student completes studies, but before the age of 23. This applies to people with disabilities from childhood I, II or III group. Previously, the law "On State Support for Large Families" dealt only with full-time students in vocational education organizations.

The reason for the development of the law-in-draft was the appeal of voters. A group of deputies of the Supreme Council proposed to amend the current law: Igor Buga, Andrey Safonov, Pavel Shinkaryuk and Ruslan Gareev. The law adopted today, after being signed by the President, will enter into force from the beginning of 2021.

The state provides for a number of benefits for large families. Among them there are benefits for utility bills. Those raising three children are entitled to a 20% discount. Families with four children receive a 30% discount, and if there are 5 or more children, then the discount for utility bills is 50%. A large family has the right to receive monetary compensation for a first-grader child in order to purchase the stationery necessary for school. The amount of payments is 100 MW - 970 rubles. Among the benefits there is transport - students of schools, colleges, technical schools and universities - on all types of urban transport, except for taxis and suburban traffic; payment of half of the cost of education when receiving education on a contractual basis and other benefits.