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The main half-century secret is revealed


The Day of National Unity in Russia is celebrated since 2005. It was established in memory of the events of 1612, when the people's militia led by Minin and Pozharsky liberated Moscow from the Polish interventionists, putting an end to the troubled time. It is celebrated in Pridnestrovie as a sign of unity with Russia, November 4.

The main events in honor of the National Unity Day are held in Tiraspol. There was a march of youth from the theater of drama and comedy to the Square named after Suvorov. Tricolors of Pridnestrovie and Russia, banners of Pridnestrovian cities, flags of political parties and social movements streamed. Activists, public figures, students and schoolchildren who came to the festival from all over the republic passed in one column. There was an atmosphere of unity. Participants of the meeting were people of different nationalities, religion, professions and ages.

The first president Igor Smirnov congratulating the Pridnestrovians on the occasion noted that it was unity that allowed Pridnestrovians to create the republic and defend it.

Participants of the rally were addressed by the founders of the republic, defenders of the PMR, public figures. Words about the unity of Pridnestrovie and Russia sounded almost in every speech. Then the long-awaited part of the holiday came - the opening of the capsule with a message to the descendants. The capsule was laid down November 7, 1967 - in the half-century anniversary of the Great October Revolution. 15-year-old Olga Galchenko, who headed the city's pioneer headquarters, took part in its laying. Today, after 50 years, the woman from Tiraspol again had the opportunity to become a participant in the historic event and reveal the main city secret. The message speaks about the successes that our descendants managed to achieve in different spheres, about what Tiraspol was like half a century ago. The townspeople sent a message to residents of Tiraspol 2017.

Then, as a sign of the continuation of the Soviet tradition, a new message was written to the descendants.

Participation in the laying of the historical capsule was taken by young Tiraspol citizens who achieved high successes in sport, science and culture. They will open the capsule and read the historical message to the descendants September 2, 2040 - the year of the half-century anniversary of our republic.