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Work of the Voter Order Program in 2022


Deputies approved the expenses of the state program for the execution of orders of voters when considering in the second reading the draft budget-2022. This program will be funded next year not under the Capital Investment Fund, as in 2021 and previous years. In total, 11 million 550 thousand rubles were allocated for its financing. Deputy of the Supreme Soviet will be directed 350 thousand rubles for each constituency like this year.

The deputies could not complete some work in their constituencies in 2021. Last week, the Supreme Council held an information hour on this issue with the leadership of the Ministry of Finance, Economic Development, heads of state administrations and chairmen of city and regional councils. They discussed the problems faced by the deputies in the execution of the orders of the voters.

It was decided today at the plenary session to extend the deadline for the execution of unfinished works and their financing under contracts concluded in 2021 for the next year.