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The Work on Warning


Employees of the internal affairs bodies and the state security service of the republic will be able to draw up administrative protocols on violators of sanitary and epidemiological standards during the quarantine period. Today, only sanitary doctors have this right. Amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses sent by the PMR President. The document was sent in the regime of legislative necessity.

The official representative added that militia officers drew up about 2100 protocols during the state of emergency. This is an article for violating requirements of special legal regimes. After termination of the emergency regime, the internal affairs bodies no longer have such a right.

According to the amendments adopted in March of this year, the Administrative Code establishes administrative responsibility for evading mandatory hospitalization or temporary isolation of people with suspected infectious disease during the quarantine period and for unauthorized abandonment of temporary isolation.

Deputies adopted in two readings at once amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses at the plenary session. The new norm will be valid until September 30. The adopted law is sent to the President for signature.