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Psychological assistance in Pridnestrovie


More than a year ago, when groups like the "Blue Whale" appeared on social networks, pushing teenagers to suicide, it became necessary to legally ban such illegal activities. In addition, there was necessity for psychological assistance to people who have suffered from the influence of such groups. An expert council on psychology was then created under the President. It received the task to prepare a regulatory framework for implementation of psychological assistance in Pridnestrovie.

The basis for development of the new law was the long-overdue need for systematization and comprehensive legal regulation of the provision of psychological assistance in Pridnestrovie. As it was noted during the discussion on this issue, today there are more cases of poor quality psychological assistance. Some services are advertised as "psychological assistance", although in fact they are not. The deputies noted that the provision of psychological assistance is associated with the use of a certain kind of influence. However, the people who receive it are not yet provided with a guarantee of the high quality of such assistance. The law will allow all these issues to be settled, as well as provide legal guarantees for both psychologists themselves and for people receiving psychological assistance. All proposals and comments on this law-in-draft will be taken into account by the relevant committee during the work on the document in the second reading.