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Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases


The Supreme Council reading adopted the state target program "Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in PMR for 2022–2026" in the first. The draft law was developed by the Ministry of Health of the PMR with the aim of reducing the incidence of diseases of the circulatory system, mortality from cardiovascular diseases and disability. The program contains activities that will improve the level of knowledge of the population in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and the influence of risk factors on their development.

The adoption of the program, according to the Minister of Health, will lead to an improvement in the health of our population, as well as to improve the quality of cardiac care, improve the quality of life of patients with cardiovascular diseases.

According to the developers of the state program, the accumulated knowledge on the use of new, modern methods of analysis makes it possible to realistically assess possible ways to prevent cardiovascular diseases and reduce mortality, as well as the level of necessary costs for the implementation of the tasks set in this area.

The deputy corps as a whole supported the new program for Pridnestrovie. Work on the document will be continued in the specialized committee, taking into account the comments and suggestions made during the discussion. The amount of funding for the state target program will be determined during the discussion of the law-in-draft in the second reading.