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"Inclusive education in the PMR" round table was held in the online format today. The initiator was the Committee of the Youth Parliament on Social Policy, Labor, Health Care, Family and Childhood Issues. The participants of the round table were teachers, educators, psychologists, many of whom work in correctional institutions of the republic and in practice face difficulties in the sphere of inclusion. They discussed during the conversation what problems there are in the field of inclusive education, as well as ways to solve it. They talked about what teachers really care about at the moment, about the issues of vocational guidance not only for students, but also for schoolchildren with health features.

Inclusive education is one of the inclusive directions. There is experience and understanding of what needs to be done and in which direction to move, round tables on this issue have already been held in our republic.

A big step forward has been made in the preparation of vocational guidance for people with special needs in Pridnestrovie, this was discussed at a round table meeting. The issue of support necessity was also discussed.

The participants in the discussion suggested various options for resolving this issue, but, according to Yulia Kotsofan, it is best to do this on a volunteer basis. The profile committee of the Youth Parliament will bring up the issue of inclusive education at its meetings and raise it at various venues in the future.