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Investments stimulate economic development


Laws, governing state support for investment activities came into force in June last year. Investment Agency was created for the practical implementation of legislation under the auspices of the Ministry of Economic Development. The Head Andrei Betanov presented a work plan for 2019 today. Among the participants of the presentation there are the Chairman of the Supreme Council Alexander Korshunov, his deputies colleagues Vadim Doni and Mikhail Burla, Chairman of the Government Alexander Martynov, representatives of the economic bloc of the highest executive body of power.

The importance of the investment direction is also determined by the fact that it is a fundamental condition for the republic to achieve economic self-sufficiency, the principle of which is stated in the Pridnestrovian Development Strategy for 2019-2026 approved by the President.

As part of the presentation of the work plan of the Investment Agency for the 2019th, its participants focused on the discussion of 12 investment projects that are currently being actively developed (two agreements on their implementation have already been signed). Potential and real investors represent Italy, Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Turkey. The total amount of the estimated investment is 45 million euros, the increase in tax revenues is about 2 million dollars. As investment projects are implemented, 1231 jobs will be opened.

The subject of the discussions that began was the improvement of the current investment legislation, the use of electricity for mining, the preparation of sites with associated engineering infrastructure to accommodate new industries, the creation of industrial clusters, production areas for the processing of solid waste, tourism development, etc.