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Citizens address the Chairman of the Supreme Council on a variety of issues. But there is one thing that unites them - a request to help solve the problem, when other possibilities are exhausted, when there is no understanding on the part of responsible officials.

This time around ten people visited the speaker's reception. In personal appeals, citizens raise issues that are topical for all Pridnestrovian people. One of them is pension provision.

Residents of Tiraspol Alexander Kovalenko said about the low amount of a wife's pension. The spouses are the parents of three children. They left to work in Russia in the 90's to earn money for them. They worked, but not officially, as many people that time. They did business here, they traded in the market. Difficulties in finding a job, a big break in caring for children led to a "result" - the pension is minimal.

The speaker cites statistics. About 25 thousand citizens work in the real sector of the economy of the republic - they create a gross product, their budgets are supplemented by budgets of various levels. 60 thousand people are involved in the budgetary sphere, and they also provide monthly contributions. At the same time there are 126 thousand pensioners in the country, as well as other categories of citizens who have the right to social support of the state. As a result, one person in the real sector of the economy has 13 people receiving social benefits. It is necessary to increase social guarantees, but for this it is important that they are provided not only on paper, but also in cash, Alexander Scherba is convinced.