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People's volunteer corps of Pridnestrovie is 25


President Vadim Krasnoselsky, Speaker of the Parliament Alexander Scherba, deputies of the Supreme Council, First President of Pridnestrovie Igor Smirnov, heads of ministries and departments, as well as defenders of Pridnestrovie, relatives of the victims, citizens participated in the meeting dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the formation of the People's volunteer corps.

March 17, 1992, the president of Pridnestrovie, Igor Smirnov, legally affirmed the provision on volunteer detachments created from the very first days of Moldova's armed aggression against our republic. This day is considered to be the official day of the formation of the People's volunteer corps, which became the most numerous military formation that defended Pridnestrovie in 1992. Thousands of Pridnestrovians entered the detachments of volunteers. In all, 10225 people are on the list of its members. They were mostly non-military people: workers of factories and factories, teachers, doctors. They joined the ranks of the People's volunteer corps not by order or summons, but voluntarily, at the call of the heart.

During the armed aggression of Moldova against Pridnestrovie 237 militiamen were killed, 12 more - were missing. Pridnestrovians will never forget the feat of those who at the cost of their lives those freedom in 1990s. Defenders of Pridnestrovie, townspeople laid scarlet carnations to the granite slabs of the Memorial of Glory in memory of every power lost in the republic.