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Pridnestrovian immunization calendar will be replenished with new vaccinations


The Supreme Council adopted a new state target program for the immunization of the population until 2025. It also provides for the inclusion of new vaccinations in the immunization calendar - against rotavirus and pneumococcal infections, against cervical cancer caused by the human papillomavirus.

The PMR Ministry of Health will deal with the purchase of new vaccines and the development of mechanism for their introduction into the vaccination schedule.

More than 40 million rubles are planned for the implementation of all measures for the early diagnosis of infections, immunoprophylaxis, preventive and anti-epidemic measures in the state program for 2021–2025. In recent years, 90-95% of children in Pridnestrovie have been vaccinated. This despite the fact that the funding provided for by the immunization program is not always 100%. The activities included in the new target program will allow immunization of 95-98% of children.