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Pridnestrovian youth projects and international cooperation


Young parliamentarians formed the agenda of the plenary session. It is necessary by the end of this year to prepare a final report on the work of the Youth Parliament of the IV convocation and projects for the development of international relations, to hold a round table on the topic of remote work for young Pridnestrovians.

The Head of the Committee on Legislation and Protection of Youth Rights of the Youth Parliament Andrei Chorba said that the committee had received an initiative to hold a joint round table with one of the companies that works remotely with Russian firms. The main topic is remote work in Pridnestrovie.

The round table is planned to be held offline, the date and time will be determined at the plenary meeting of the Deputies.

In addition, young parliamentarians in the course of the meeting of the Presidium discussed the issue of building interaction with Russian regional youth parliaments and youth organizations. The development of international relations will help to form a positive image of the republic, according to the deputies of the Youth Parliament.

The Youth Parliament's Commission for the Development of International Relations plans to send about 30 letters of cooperation to various Russian youth organizations. The members of the Presidium of the Youth Parliament have considered these documents and will recommend its adoption.

The plenary session of the Youth Parliament is scheduled for the 24th of December.