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Pridnestrovie made its choice


During the meeting, the Central Election Commission announced the final results of the past yesterday in Pridnestrovie presidential elections. Vadim Krasnoselsky, who collected 157 410 voters (62.3%) is recognized as the winner. The remaining votes were distributed as follows: Irina Vasilache - 1526 (0.6%), Vladimir Grigoriev - 1698 (0.67%), Alexander Deli - 1379 (0.55%), Oleg Khorzhan - 8012 (3.17%), Yevgeny Shevchuk - 69,179 (27.38%). 8593 voters voted against all candidates. The turnout was 60%.

All international observers noted the high voter turnout, Pridnestrovians responsibility for the fate of the country, compliance with the electoral law of PMR with international standards, the professionalism of the members of precinct election commissions. The monitoring of the voting process was attended by 92 international observers from 15 countries, representing the State Duma, the Federation Council, the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, as well as members of various public organizations.

The head of the CEC Elena Gorodetskaya read the decision of the CEC on the recognition of the election of the President of PMR valid and real. This decision shall be published in state-run media. The head of the Central Election Commission handed Vadim Krasnoselsky certificate of elected President of PMR. He thanked Pridnestrovians for active citizenship, a high turnout. Special thanks were awarded to members of electoral commissions, as well as law enforcement - for law enforcement. 

The first President of PMR Igor Smirnov called the last presidential election in the republic, "The next step for the recognition".