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The Spring Plans


Members of the Presidium discussed legislations, submitted to the consideration of the deputy corps. Deputy Galina Antyufeeva presented as a legislative initiative amendments and addendum to the Electoral Code. The author proposes to clarify the conceptual apparatus, including the concept of "observer", adding to it the requirement of the citizenship of the PMR, to unify a number of formulations, such as "address of the place of registration (registration) of the voter", "houses", "signer", "propaganda materials allocation". The developer considers it expedient to change the procedure for collecting signatures in support of the candidate. Following the example of the Russian legislator, it is proposed to introduce a mechanism for annulling the registration of a candidate. In addition, the author proposes to change the dates for holding repeated and additional elections and a number of other norms.

The profile committee, having discussed the law-in-draft, recommended that colleagues in the deputy corps take it in the first reading.

A package of legislations has been prepared for consideration in the second reading, the purpose of which is to strengthen the role of the Prosecutor's Office in carrying out the prosecutor's supervision of the observance of laws by the bodies of inquiry and preliminary investigation when taking procedural decisions at the stage of pre-trial proceedings, the role of the prosecutor at the stage of judicial proceedings, and harmonization of the current legislation of Pridnestrovie with legislation of Russia. Documents submitted as a legislative initiative by the President of the PMR were adopted on first reading in May 2017. By the second reading, the Committee on Legislation, Law Enforcement, Defense, Security, Peacekeeping, Protection of Citizens' Rights and Freedoms prepared a table of amendments and recommended that lawmakers continue to work in the second reading.

The deputy corps is provided with information on the results of the activities of the Supreme and Arbitration Courts for 2017. As a result of the discussion, the deputy corps will adopt the relevant resolutions of the Supreme Council.

Deputy Oleg Vasilatiy prepared a number of amendments to the law "On drinking water supply". The deputy supposes that the current mechanism for installing drinking water meters on a voluntary basis is ineffective. The author proposes to legislatively fix the duty of consumers to perform primary acquisition and installation of metering devices at their own expense.

Lawmakers on March 14 plan to consider and adopt in the second, final reading amendments to the laws "On Higher and Post-Graduate Education" and "On Education". Mikhail Burla, the author of the initiative, proposes to introduce a norm, according to which graduates of schools will take only two compulsory exams in the subjects "native language" and "mathematics", the results of which they can use when entering the university. According to the developer, the adoption of changes in the law will create optimal conditions for entrants.

At the end of the meeting, the Chairman of the Supreme Council Alexander Shcherba congratulated the staff of the legislative body of the republic and all the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity present at the meeting on the coming holiday and wished everyone "spring in the soul, happiness and prosperity".