The Supreme Council
of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic

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The Presidium of the Supreme Council addressed Russian colleagues


The Chairman and the Heads of the committees of the Supreme Council in the adopted appeal inform the leadership of the Federal Assembly of Russia about the crisis situation that has developed in the relationship between Pridnestrovie and Moldova.

The appeal says: in the past six months, official Chisinau has been destroying the negotiation mechanisms, does not comply with earlier agreements and deliberately intensifies pressure and sanctions against Pridnestrovie.

The Chairman of the Supreme Council emphasizes that the residents of Pridnestrovie, who are citizens of Russia and received “neutral” registration plate numbers, still cannot travel abroad due to Chisinau's additional requirements.

The permanent provocations of Moldova in the Security Zone, which is the responsibility of the Joint Peacekeeping Operation, are recorded.

A dangerous humanitarian challenge for the republic remains the problem of joint customs and border control of Ukraine and Moldova at the Kuchurgan checkpoint.

The Supreme Council of Pridnestrovie asks its Russian colleagues at the level of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation to assess the stagnating problematic situation in the negotiations, as well as provide comprehensive assistance to Russia as a guarantor and mediator to remove unreasonable restrictions on the part of Moldova in relation to the population and enterprises of Pridnestrovie.