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The Presidium postponed the date of the plenary meeting


The date of the first plenary session of the Supreme Council in the spring session has been postponed. This question was the first today at the meeting of the Presidium. The proposal is related to the fact that parliamentary committees need more time to prepare legislations for consideration by the Supreme Council. The plenary session that will open the spring session is scheduled for the 19th of January. In what format the meeting will be held - in the hall or online - will depend on the epidemiological situation in the republic.

They also discussed in the course of the meeting of the Presidium the progress in preparing the state program for the execution of voters' orders, namely, the timing of the provision of information by the deputies about the projects that will be included in it this year.

Chairman of the Committee on Economic Policy, Budget and Finance Viktor Guzun informed his colleagues that the committee is already receiving information from the deputies who have decided on what they will do in the constituency this year. As information becomes available, the program for the execution of voters' orders will be updated.

The Chairman of the Supreme Council gave his constituency as an example. The program for the implementation of orders from voters in the district has already been formed, but it still takes time to determine the amount of funding, so that there will be enough funds for the implementation of all projects.