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Preliminary results


The parliamentarians are completing the spring session. The Presidium of the Supreme Council formed the agenda of the latter plenary session in the parliamentary season. The list of legislations that are scheduled for consideration tomorrow, was supplemented by the government's legislative initiative providing for changes to the law "On the Budget of the Unified State Social Insurance Fund". According to the chairman of the parliamentary Committee on Social Policy, Sergei Cheban, it is proposed to increase the amount of additional social payments to parents, widows of those who died or died as a result of military injuries sustained during the military operations in the PMR defense, and widows, parents of combatants who died as a result of military trauma or diseases resulting from participation in hostilities in the territory of other states.

The law-in-draft, which is also planned to be considered in the course of tomorrow's plenary session, provides for amending the Law on Land Payment. The deputies of the profile committee proposed to establish for agricultural producers, including peasant farmers, later terms for payment of land tax. According to the law-in-draft, agrarians will be able to pay a fee for land until December 20. According to the authors of the initiative, this measure will allow agricultural organizations and farms not to divert resources within a year.

The Presidium of the Supreme Council considered a number of legislations related to the health sector. The agenda of the plenary sessions of the fall session included legislative initiatives of the government that envisaged the introduction of amendments to the laws on the fundamentals of protecting citizens' health, on protecting the reproductive health of citizens and on family planning, on private medical activities.

The main issues of the final spring session of the plenary session remain the draft concept of fiscal policy for the medium term, as well as the law-in-draft on procurement for state needs. Tomorrow parliamentarians will consider both documents in the second, final reading. Their amendments will be presented by the profile parliamentary committees.