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The Right and Duty of every Citizen of Russia


Elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation will be held on September 19. Deputy of the Supreme Council Andrei Safonov called on Pridnestrovians who have Russian citizenship to come to the polling stations that will be opened this day in Pridnestrovie and vote for a worthy candidate for the Russian Parliament.

“It is my deepest conviction that everyone who has Russian citizenship, regardless of what documents they now have in their hands, certifying this citizenship, must go to the polling stations and vote for those for whom they decide to vote. Our ill-wishers are trying today to find fault with the formalities, which do not matter, and disrupt the turnout of Pridnestrovian voters in the Duma elections. These ill-wishers act in the interests of those who want to undermine our state, drive a wedge into relations between the PMR and Russia, and make it easier for those who from time to time put pressure on us and try our strength. Everybody to the polling stations on the 19th of September!”