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Human rights are in the highest consideration


In accordance with the norms of the current legislation, the Commissioner for Human Rights in Pridnestrovie reports annually to the President and the Supreme Council. This refers to the state of compliance with and protection of human and civil rights and freedoms by state authorities and government, local self-government, citizens' associations, organizations regardless of their organizational and legal forms and forms of ownership, officials and identified shortcomings in legislation on the protection of rights and freedoms of citizens.

The report of the Commissioner for Human Rights, Vyacheslav Kosinsky, was approved by the deputies at the last plenary meeting by adopting a corresponding resolution of the Supreme Council.

Last year, the ombudsman received 655 applications from citizens. Most often, pensioners, disabled people, unemployed applied for help. Most often, the applicants’ appeals related to implementation of civil rights - 177 appeals related to issues of registration, etc. In the second place, questions of the implementation of social rights - 162 appeals related to the payment of pensions and benefits. More than 150 applicants indicated violation of their economic rights.

Last year, orphanages, health camps, specialized correctional institutions, veterans' homes, places of detention were visited by the specialists. They audit conditions of residence of citizens, the availability of medical support.