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of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic

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After signing by the President


The President Vadim Krasnoselsky signed a number of laws adopted earlier by the Supreme Council.

The amendments to the law on OSAGO (third party liability insurance), adopted by parliamentarians allow foreign car owners with the Green Card international insurance system to enter the territory of our republic without acquiring Pridnestrovian insurance. In cases where foreign drivers will be found guilty of committing an accident on Pridnestrovian roads, in which citizens of Pridnestrovie will be found injured, they will be reimbursed from the fund of the Association of Motor Insurers of Pridnestrovie.

By signed by the President the law that amends and supplements the Law on the Entrepreneurial Patent, the list of services that entrepreneurs are entitled to provide on the basis of a patent is expanded. These include the rental of construction tools; production and sale of paving slabs (except for ceramic), as well as services for its installation. The law adopted by the Supreme Council also introduced a mechanism for controlling the activities of individual entrepreneurs using construction tools in the residential area. Production, sale and repair of products made of wood, metal and plaster, including carpentry work on a patent, are possible only if there is a conclusion about the compliance of this activity with sanitary and epidemiological norms and fire safety standards.

The amendments to the law “On Enforcement Proceedings” approved by the President prescribe: “The temporary restriction on the debtor’s departure from Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic does not apply to the debtor under the executive documents of a property nature, carrying out labor activities related to a short-term trip outside the republic up to 24 hours a day.” The changes are aimed at improving the implementation of maintenance obligations.

Now the debtors have the opportunity to apply to the courts with a statement about the full or partial release or reduction of the debt.The law adopted by the Supreme Council and signed by the President expanded the list of grounds for this. Debtor’s fulfillment of its obligations in accordance with a court decision; the agreement between the debtor and the recoverer, confirmed by the statement of the recoverer; illness of the debtor, if necessary, treatment outside the PMR; severe illness of close relatives outside our country, as well as their death are added to this list.

These changes in the legal framework will allow debtors to find additional opportunities for debt repayment, and not to evade payment of alimony.

The President signed the law “On Amendments to the Housing Code”. In accordance with it, with the written consent of adult members of the family, the employer has the right to instill in the living quarters he occupies of his spouse (spouse), close relatives (parents, adoptive parent, adult children (including adopted by both the employer and any of his family members), full and half brothers and sisters, grandparents, grandchildren) and other persons as family members.

The law states that the consent of the rest of the family is not required for the introduction to the parents of their minor children (including adopted children).