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Updating the legal base


After the signing by the President Vadim Krasnoselsky, the laws previously adopted by the Parliament entered into force.

The President signed the law on amending and supplementing the law “On Universal Military Duty and Military Service”. In accordance with the norms, the opportunity to postpone military service for the period of postgraduate internship in state and municipal medical institutions of the republic is provided to future and already certified doctors for the entire period of study, as well as internship and residency. Adopted by the Supreme Council on the initiative of the President, the law has a pronounced social coloration and is intended to contribute to the preservation of medical personnel.

The legal basis of the republic was added to the law “On the Unified State Register of Immovable Objects of Cultural Heritage”. It will become the basis for registration, protection, restoration of historical and cultural monuments of Pridnestrovie. The adopted law is a register (list) of cultural heritage sites with brief information. The list includes 2124 objects. They are recognized as immovable objects of cultural heritage and must be taken under state protection.

The President signed the amended law “On Income Tax from Individuals”. In accordance with the rules in force before it came into force, among those who were entitled to standard tax deductions were divorced parents who live with a child. The second parent, also caring for his children and paying alimony in good faith, had no right to such a deduction. The Supreme Council with the law supplemented the list of income tax payers, who are provided with a standard tax deduction in a single amount, by parents paying alimony in good faith. At the same time, the right to a deduction can be obtained when confirming the fact of regular (monthly) payment of alimony or in the provision of documents confirming the cost of maintaining children. The norms of the adopted law will come into force on January 1, 2020.

The effect of the law on amending the law “On Corporate Income Tax” concerns organizations involved in retransmitting local television and radio channels to audience. CJSC Interdnestrkom, LLC Rubin, OJSC Pridnestrovian Radio and Television Center fulfill the state order, for which the republican budget is not always on time and is not fully calculated. At the same time, these organizations pay taxes in full even with funds not yet received from the state. The essence of the additions that have come into effect is that taxes will be levied on organizations that broadcast television and radio programs as the state order is paid.