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The Help for Doctors in Dubossary


The Dubossary Infectious Diseases Hospital received protective equipment for medical personnel. The Lyons Club, the honorary president and founder of which is the Supreme Council Deputy Oleg Bayev, provided charitable assistance. Its district No. 12 includes a part of Dubossary district and Dubossary.

The Lions Clubs International is a charitable organization. Assistance programs for sick people, lonely old people and children have been relevant for over 100 years. There are hospitals in the world, nursing homes, over which the Association of Lions Clubs took patronage or built at their own expense. The Lions Clubs International branch was opened in Tiraspol in 2002.

There is three-level infectious diseases hospital in Dubossary. It examines everyone who comes in suspicious of COVID-19. According to Alexander Asmolov, the chief doctor of the Dubossary Central District Hospital, the building located in Morgulets Street was built in 1973 as a provisional hospital in case of cholera. Initially, it was provided for special isolated chambers. Now, in the event of a worsening situation with COVID-19, 150 people can be accommodated in the Dubossary hospital.

Oleg Bayev handed over disinfectors, protective overalls, medical masks and gloves to help doctors in Dubossary. This is just the consumable that is constantly needed by doctors and nurses.