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Support Entrepreneurs. To be continued


The working elements of the Supreme Council continue to sum up the results of work in 2017. 128 legislative initiatives in the past period were considered by the deputies of the Committee for the Development of Entrepreneurship and Industry. 43 laws of the 47 legislations that were in charge of the committee were adopted by the Supreme Council in final reading and signed by the President.

The main vector of the legislative work of the committee was aimed at creating conditions for business development. The deputy corps, within the framework of declared by the President the entrepreneur year, took unprecedented measures to support entrepreneurs of all levels. In particular, the fee for an individual entrepreneurial patent has been reduced for all types of activities, and for a number of categories of citizens a zero rate has been established, the list of types of individual entrepreneurial activity has been expanded, and the mechanism of an economic patent has been introduced.

Legislative status was given to the concepts of small and medium business. The Law "On Development and State Support of Small Business" was supplemented by a new norm regulating an exhaustive list of priority areas of small business, with a view to the subsequent possible provision of state support to its subjects. Legislation was also improved in the sphere of licensing of types of entrepreneurial activity.

This year the support of entrepreneurs will be continued. The profile committee outlined the priority areas of work for the near future. At present, the law-in-draft "On Investment Activity" aimed at improving the investment climate in the republic is under consideration by the deputies of the profile committee. The goal is to provide substantial guarantees and tax preferences for foreign investors in the framework of a contract between business and the state.

Consideration of the law-in-draft "On public procurement in the PMR" is also in the plans of the committee. The document proposes to legislatively regulate and improve existing legal relations in this sphere, to increase the transparency of public spending. As noted by the head of the Committee on Entrepreneurship Viktor Guzun, the adoption of the law-in-draft is long-standing need.