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Support for large families purchasing housing


The norm of the law on property tax deduction is already in force in Pridnestrovie for those who build or purchase housing on the territory of our republic. The amount of the deduction is no more than 10 thousand minimum wages. This is 104 thousand rubles. The tax deduction is provided to the person who bought the apartment for the first time. He must submit the necessary documents to the tax office and the accounting department of his company to receive the benefit. The provision of the law on property tax deduction came into force in 2001. Then taxes were not levied on income, which was approximately 50% of the cost of the apartment. During this time, prices have increased, and the minimum wages, which is established by the state, has lagged behind the price dynamics.

Oleg Vasilaty proposed to increase the size of the property tax deduction for large families by 3 times. After the President signs the law adopted by the deputy corps, the amount of tax-free income for large families who need to improve their living conditions will amount to 30 thousand minimum wages (312 thousand rubles).