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The Support of Donors


Deputies of the Supreme Council considered amendments and additions to the law "On donation". The Government offered to financially encourage Pridnestrovians who were awarded the "Honorary Donor of the PMR" badge or a similar badge of the USSR, or the MSSR. This means that once a year honorary donors will receive monetary compensation in the amount of 250 RU minimum wages (1450 rubles for one honorary donor).

2706 people are honorary donors in Pridnestrovie today. It will be necessary to allocate about 4 million rubles from the state budget annually for their state support. Specialists of the Ministry of Health clarified that “honorary donors” are citizens living in the territory of our republic who donated blood on their own for a total of 40 or more times.

The authors of the legislative initiative propose to financially encourage active donors: women who donate blood 3 times a year, and men 5 times. It is proposed to establish remuneration for them in the amount of 20 minimum wage (116 rubles). The payment procedure will be determined by the Government.

The Supreme Council adopted amendments to the law "On donation" in the second final reading.