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Compromises found on all controversial issues


The adoption of the budget in the third reading traditionally provides for work on annexes to the law-in-draft. The deputies are considering a large number of applications that determine specific areas of funding for certain targeted programs.

The Head of the relevant committee emphasized that the Entrepreneurship Fund provides funds for grants for entrepreneurs of the PMR for the first time next year.

The priorities for the development of the road industry program from the Road Fund were identified in the course of work on the budget for next year, in the third reading. The 2021 budget provided for new directions for spending the Road Fund, aimed not only at repairing roads, but also at paving sidewalks with tiles, as well as repairing and improving the territories of social institutions: schools, hospitals, kindergartens. According to the Chairman of the Committee on Economic Policy, Budget and Finance Viktor Guzun, despite the fact that the work in the third reading caused a number of discussions, as a result of the joint discussion, compromises and common opinion on all controversial issues were found.