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The Fruitful Visit


The delegation of the Supreme Council, composed of Alexander Korshunov, Peter Pasat, Sergey Cheban, was on a visit to the Russian Federation this week. The main event was the participation of our parliamentarians in the International Conference “The Role of the Interaction of Factions of Political Parties in Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation of the CIS Countries”. It was held in the Hall of Columns. Delegations of the parliaments of Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, etc. arrived in the Russian capital for a discussion on this subject. The conference venue became a place not only for speeches by moderators and speakers, but also for the exchange of experience, forging interparliamentary ties, and permanent contacts.

The program of the international conference planned in advance a speech by a representative of the Supreme Council on the development of inter-parliamentary cooperation and harmonization of Pridnestrovian legislation with Russian legislation, which was voiced during the plenary session of the International Conference “The Role of Interaction of Factions of Political Parties in Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation of the CIS Countries”.

Pridnestrovian deputies devoted considerable time to meetings with colleagues from the State Duma. The subject of discussion in the dialogue with the leader of the United Russia faction Sergei Neverov was the topics of a simplified mechanism for obtaining citizenship of the Russian Federation by citizens of Pridnestrovie, the use of “maternity capital” funds by Russian citizens living in Pridnestrovie to receive higher education and solving the housing problem, and the possibility of providing PMR materially -technical and humanitarian assistance, both to support compatriots and the economy of Pridnestrovie.

As a result of negotiations with Sergey Neverov, an agreement was reached on holding parliamentary hearings on Pridnestrovie and organizing the exhibition "Pridnestrovie: cultural, historical, socio-economic and investment potentials of the republic" in the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

The subject of discussion of Elena Drapeko and Alexei Chepa with representatives of the Just Russia parliamentary faction was cultural and humanitarian cooperation, the possibility of distributing party and faction projects in Pridnestrovie. Prospects of expert support for legislations related to social protection and support for compatriots were discussed with colleagues from the LDPR faction Anton Morozov and Pavel Shperov.

In thecourse of the negotiations of the Pridnestrovian deputies with representatives of the Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian Integration and Relations with Compatriots Leonid Kalashnikov, Kazbek Taysaev, Umakhan Umakhanov, Mikhail Krotov discussed prospects for inter-parliamentary cooperation were examined through the prism of studying the Russian legislative experience, issues related to supporting compatriots, obtaining citizenship of the Russian Federation, medical policy, the use of "maternity capital", allocation of quotas for the provision of bottom strovtsam high-tech medical care in medical institutions of Russia. In addition, in the course of the meeting with the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on CIS Affairs, Umakhan Umakhanov, issues of supporting the PMR industry and agriculture were discussed.

Deputies of the Supreme Council were received by Deputy Chairman of the Committee on CIS Affairs Viktor Vodolatsky. The issues of Russian citizenship for Pridnestrovians, leaders of social movements, youth in domestic political and civilian Russian projects were discussed. An agreement was reached on the opening in Pridnestrovie of a regional representation of the All-Russian patriotic movement "Two-headed Eagle", the exchange of delegations and the implementation of joint projects in Pridnestrovie and Russia related to the 75th anniversary of the Victory.

As part of a working meeting with deputies elected, including in districts in Pridnestrovie, - Alexander Yaroshuk, Sergey Chizhov, Artem Turov, Evgeny Primakov - Pridnestrovian parliamentarians informed the Russian partners about the socio-economic situation in Pridnestrovie, the problems and aspirations of their voters. They also discussed the possibility of expanding inter-parliamentary cooperation in terms of using the Russian experience in legislative drafting, and providing expert opinions on draft laws considered in the Supreme Council. As the legislators on both sides noted, the search for new approaches and tools to support Pridnestrovie is now very important and relevant for improving the economy, the agricultural sector, as well as providing real assistance to pensioners and compatriots living in the PMR. Following the dialogue, an agreement was reached on the preparation of a targeted program of joint cooperation in the above areas.

A noteworthy point is that all the deputies elected to the State Duma from Transnistria always come out with a consolidated position regarding the support of compatriots and the republic as a whole. In this regard, the possibility of organizing a joint meeting on all these issues with Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak, who is in charge of the Pridnestrovian direction in Russia, is being studied.

Deputies of the Supreme Council devoted one day to visiting the Moscow City Duma. In the city legislative assembly, they attended a plenary meeting and held working meetings with the Chairman of the Moscow City Duma Alexei Shaposhnikov and Deputy Natalia Metlina. The subject of the interested dialogue was the expansion of cooperation between the two parliaments, interaction with the prefectures of the Russian capital through deputy districts, with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Moscow. They discussed the possibility of organizing an exhibition and a round table on the Pridnestrovian topic at the Moscow City Duma, in particular, protecting the compatriots living in Pridnestrove.

At the Representation of the Supreme Council of the PMR in Moscow, our deputies met with Pridnestrovians living in Russia and held a reception of citizens. The topics of obtaining Russian citizenship, accounting for seniority in calculating pensions in Russia, the possibility of obtaining quotas for the provision of medical care, as well as issues related to the identification of military tickets issued in the PMR were raised.

Within the framework of the visit of the Pridnestrovian parliamentarians, a meeting was also held with young people and students from Pridnestroians living in Russia. The deputies informed them about the situation in the republic, talked about what was being done to encourage young people to return to their homeland. Participants of the meeting asked people's deputies questions regarding the prospects of creating jobs in the republic, preferences for young specialists, improving the quality of medicine, education, etc.

The multifaceted and substantive visit of the delegation of the Supreme Council to Moscow contributed to the expansion of inter-parliamentary cooperation, launch of projects to support the economy of Pridnestroie, its social sphere, and the use of new approaches to protecting the rights of compatriots and Russian citizens living in the republic. They jointly identified new areas of cooperation.