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Planning the law-making process


Members of the Presidium of the Supreme Council in the course of today's meeting worked on drafting the agenda for the forthcoming plenary sessions of the legislature. In addition to tomorrow one, they are also scheduled for November 29 and December 6.

There are a number of legislations in the legislative portfolio that change the norms of the Law "On an individual entrepreneurial patent". The first on the initiative of Oleg Vasilaty establishes a list of excisable goods, which will be prohibited from selling on the basis of a patent. The second law-in-draft - Vadim Lipsky - enshrines the right to provide catering services on the basis of not only a family but also a master's patent with the possibility of hiring up to 5 people.

The second list of issues, considered during the meeting of the presidium of the parliament concerned the Law "On Customs Tariff". The procedure for the second reading in the profile committee for the development of entrepreneurship and industry was a legislative initiative of the Government, according to which privileges for the import of vehicles for organizations that carry passengers by public transport on regular routes are established. This is caused by the need to update the bus fleet, since the age of more than a third of the vehicles used in the republic for passenger transportation more than 20 years.

As part of the spring session, Deputies of the Supreme Council decided to release participants in military operations to protect Pridnestrovie, internationalist soldiers and "Chernobyl victims" from paying a customs tariff when importing vehicles for personal needs. However, they were limited in the right to transfer control of vehicles to other persons. Responding to numerous appeals to the Supreme Council, Vice Speaker of the Parliament Galina Antyufeeva made a legislative initiative to amend the current provisions of the law "On Customs Tariff". It is supposed to transfer the right to drive to close relatives.

Within the framework of the session of the Presidium of the Supreme Council, its members considered amendments to the laws "On the central bank", "On the tax system", "On the republican budget for 2017".