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The plans for autumn


Elections to the Supreme Council and local councils will be held in Pridnestrovie in November of this year. The journalists were interested in whether the election campaign would interfere with the legislative activity of the parliament and whether there are any important legislations that should be considered and adopted immediately after the vacation.

The Parliament Speaker Alexander Korshunov noted that the deputies go on vacation, but they will work in the districts. In early September, the Supreme Council will continue to function as usual. The main directions of the parliament's autumn activities are consideration of the forecast values ​​of the republic's socio-economic development and monetary policy for 2021.

According to the Parliament Speaker, deputies will continue to work on the legislations that have already been adopted in the first reading.

At the stage of initiatives, which the deputies have just to begin to consider, there is also the issue of pension provision for citizens who have a long work experience, but a low level of remuneration. According to the chairman of the Committee on Social Policy Sergei Cheban, these are in most cases the technical staff of medical institutions, schools and kindergartens.

The Head of the Committee on Social Policy told about possible reduction of the rate on bank loans for this category of citizens. A group of deputies has already introduced law-in-draft that provides for a loan of up to 150 thousand rubles for 3 years at a low interest rate on condition that part of the loan will be paid from the budget.

Social policy is a priority of the state, despite the fact that difficult climatic conditions dictate their own rules of the game. Chairman of the Supreme Council Alexander Korshunov noted: meteorologists last recorded such a drought, which began in August 2019, more than 50 years ago. Agricultural producers suffered serious losses. The crop did not even grow on huge areas. Some farmers managed to re-sow part of the dead winter crops, but even the spring crops did not emerge. It was decided at the state level that some of the agrarians who suffered serious losses will be exempted from certain types of taxes. They were provided with credit resources, including from the State Reserve Fund.

The Speaker of the Parliament recalled that the deputies talked in 2017-2018 about necessity to pay serious attention to the restoration of the reclamation complex. Now this is confirmed by life. Today the situation is such that those lands that were under irrigation, although they suffered losses, are incommensurable with those plots of land where there was no irrigation at all. Therefore, when forming the budget for 2021, special attention will be paid, as in this year, to the development of land reclamation.

When forming the republican budget for the next year, new realities associated with coronavirus infection will be taken into account. Certain reserves for measures to combat coronavirus or any other infection will be included in the budget.

Alexander Korshunov emphasized that the Supreme Council is in the position of a program-targeted planning method. A large number of state programs in various areas have been formed in the republic over the past 2 years. Deputies heard a report on the implementation of the program for the purchase of housing for orphans in 2019 at the plenary session on July 22. The program was not fully implemented. The Parliament Chairman noted that the reasons for the current situation will be analyzed, and this will be taken into account when forming the corresponding program for 2021.

The state may face new difficulties - online education by September this year.

According to the Head of the Committee on Education, Science and Culture Mikhail Burla, during the period of forced distance learning, thanks to humanitarian aid from Russia, Pridnestrovie gained access to various information bases and libraries. The Supreme Council will continue to work in this direction to enter new information systems of the Russian Federation in the field of education. The situation is more complicated with preschool institutions. It will not work to carry out online education of preschoolers. Therefore, the Ministry of Health, together with the operational headquarters, will work out measures that will allow parents to take their children to kindergarten. This will require additional financial investments. These are both disinfectants and bactericidal lamps.