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Petr Pasat, “The attitude towards people with disabilities has changed”


Today is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. The holiday was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly on October 14, 1992. Although the prerequisites were laid in 1948, when the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted. It says that all people are born equal and free in dignity and rights. This was discussed in Tiraspol at a conference on the rights of people with disabilities.

The discussion forum gathered about a hundred participants, among which there were people with disabilities, heads of public organizations, representatives of ministries, departments. Deputies of the Supreme Council Peter Pasat and Grigory Dyachenko participated in the conference. The forum was organized by representatives of the UN Human Rights Office.

The head of the department of the Supreme Council’s Social Policy Committee Tatyana Sevastyanova told the conference participants what was being done at the legislative level so that the living conditions of people with disabilities improved and their rights were not infringed. The impetus for this work was the decision of the President Vadim Krasnoselsky to declare 2018 the Year of Equal Opportunities.

As it was emphasized at the conference, the Supreme Council is always open to suggestions and ideas. The official site has an Internet reception. By filling out the main fields, you can send your appeal, which will not be ignored.

The State Program aimed at creating equal living conditions and supporting people with disabilities under consideration by the Parliament. The program is designed for 2019–2022.

After presentation of the main reports, the conference was held in the form of "question-answer". The forum participants are sure that whatever is done for people with disabilities in the state, they must be involved in the process. 22 thousand 775 people with disabilities and 1300 children with significant disabilities live in the republic. The slogan of people with disabilities is absolutely true: nothing for us without us.