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The priority tasks of state authorities


At the end of the extraordinary meeting of the Supreme Council, the Parliament Speaker Alexander Korshunov and Prime Minister Alexander Martynov went to the press. They talked about how the state will function in the state of emergency.

The Parliament Speaker emphasized that all social obligations of the state will be fulfilled in full and in due time. Enough food, medicine, essentials and remedies in Pridnestrovie.

Prime Minister Alexander Martynov told reporters: there is a set of initial measures aimed at supporting economic agents, organizations, individual entrepreneurs and the public.

By order of the President, measures to support enterprises, organizations and entrepreneurs will be submitted for consideration to a joint working group of the Government, the Central bank and the Supreme Council. The first meeting of the commission will be held today. In parallel with this, the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Finance are revising the budget forecast by the end of the year. Payments of salaries and pensions will remain a priority. Implementation of the development program, capital investment fund, and infrastructure will continue. All enterprises, including Vodokanal, ERES, and Tirasteploenergo will continue to operate as usual.