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The first meeting of the spring session


Members of the Presidium had to solve a number of organizational issues in the course of the first meeting this year: to agree on the date for the next plenary meeting of the Supreme Council, in particular. It will take place on Wednesday the 20th of January.

Representatives of the Supreme Council traditionally take part in the work of a number of commissions and councils. It is necessary to delegate representatives of the parliament to permanent commissions and councils after the deputy corps of the VII convocation has been elected and formed. In particular, these are the Commission on Denationalization and Privatization, Investment and Advisory Councils under the Government.

Chairmen of the committees by January 19 will prepare their proposals for candidates, which will be presented by the Parliament in the commissions and working groups. The Supreme Council will make the final decision on all candidates in the course of the plenary session on January 20.

Another decision that is associated with a change in the structure of parliament was made at the meeting of the presidium. According to the regulations, any legislative initiative or law-in-draft submitted to the Supreme Council for consideration is assigned to a specific committee. It depends on the direction in which the committee specializes. A number of deputies of the Supreme Council was reduced from 43 to 33 in the new convocation. In this regard, several committees were abolished. Now those legislations that these committees oversaw have been distributed to working parliamentary committees. The Chairman of the Supreme Council Alexander Korshunov invited the heads of the committees to prepare work plans for 2021 for the next meeting of the Presidium. These materials will be summarized by the parliamentary commission on mandates, regulations and parliamentary ethics. The document will be presented for consideration and adoption at the next plenary meeting on the 20th of January.