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June 27, deputies will hear the government's report on the activities for 2017. According to the chairman of the commission on regulations and deputy ethics, Gregory Dyachenko, the report and answers to the questions of legislators have already been submitted to the Supreme Council.

The Chairman of the Supreme Council, Alexander Shcherba, informed the members of the Presidium about the task set by the President. The head of the republic considers it necessary to develop a draft strategy for the development of Pridnestrovie for the next 8 years in order to understand where the republic is heading and what priority areas it chooses. It is clear that the development of a program document is not a matter of one day. Today the question is about the formation of the structure of this strategic document. Their thoughts are suggested to be shared with the chairmen of the parliamentary committees. A corresponding instruction was given to the heads of local councils. The programs of social and economic development of cities and districts will become an integral part of the development strategy of the republic.

Members of the presidium not denying the importance of the task drew attention to the fact that a few years ago a similar document - "The Strategy-2025" - was developed and adopted by the Supreme Council in the first reading.

The Presidium of the Supreme Council will consider all proposals for the structure of the strategic document June 19 in the course of the regular meeting.