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Printed word on lawmaking


The June edition of “The Councils of the People”parliamentary newspaper official publication was printed. It was based on the “We have something to learn” material on the trip of the parliamentary delegation to St. Petersburg to participate in the international economic forum, as well as the visit of deputies to the Kaliningrad region. Following the visits to Russia, the head of the legislative branch of Government Alexander Korshunov held press conference. His impressions, lessons of participation in the forum and topics covered in conversations with parliamentarians in Kaliningrad formed the basis of the publication.

The Supreme Council adopted the state target program "Support and development of tourism in the PMR" for 2019-2026. What it is - read the article “Come to Pridnestrovie!”

June was intense in lawmaking. On the laws adopted by the deputies of the Supreme Council, in a two-band collection of publications under the general heading "Life changes, legislation changes".

The editors continue the traditional rubric “Work in the counties”. This time, the article “In the Interests of Voters” refers to the implementation of the state program for the execution of voter orders by deputies of the Supreme Council Andrei Safonov and Vadim Levitsky.