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On the eve of the 610th anniversary of the city of Bendery, the opening of the park named after the Grand Duke, the commander, the holy Russian Orthodox Church Alexander Nevsky was held. The park is located on the territory of the Bendery fortress. Work on the reconstruction of the historic military memorial complex began last year. Previously, there were abandoned boxes of a military unit, dilapidated concrete structures and construction debris. Today, the territory from the Tsaregrad gates to the citadel has been transformed into a cultural and historical zone, a park has been planted, an exhibition pavilion has been opened, and a children's playground is located.

Parliamentary Speaker Alexander Shcherba took part in the opening ceremony of the A. Nevsky Park.

A festive liturgy took place in the Church of Alexander Nevsky. Pridnestroviian state choir sang for the leadership of the republic, guests of the city and parishioners.

The guests from Russia shared the joy of the celebration of Pridnestrovians. State Duma Deputy Yevgeny Primakov called the historic military memorial complex a place that will attract people who value their history, culture and love their land as a magnet.

Actors in costumes of historical figures, flower girls with baskets of roses, alleys with “living sculptures”. The organizers of the event tried to recreate the historical era. The company of the guard of honor presented a festive parade ground. Since ancient times, it was believed that a real soldier should have the art of handling weapons, both on the battlefield and on holidays. This tradition is preserved in Pridnestrovie today.

Festive celebrations on the territory of the Bendery fortress continue. A concert of artists of Pridnestrovie "Happy Birthday, the ancient city on the Dniester" was organized for residents and guests of the republic. The celebrations will end with fireworks.