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Deputies of the Supreme Council heard a report on the work of the Government in 2019


The plenary session of the Supreme Council today was held in the Parliament meeting hall after a long time working in an online format. Chairman of the Government Alexander Martynov presented a report on the work of executive authorities in the past year. In detail, he focused on indicators and trends in all areas: the economy, industry and the agro-industrial complex, education and social protection, and health care.

The taxation system reform of individual entrepreneurs was carried out with the Supreme Council. This brought a positive effect - entrepreneurship began to develop in Pridnestrovie. Last year, the Government continued administrative reform. Executive authorities are gradually shifting to “pilot projects”. Their essence is a reduction in the number of employees and an increase in wages due to increased productivity, but without an increase in the wage fund. At present, 11 executive bodies of state power have already transferred to the “pilot project” in terms of salary.

Last year, the Government introduced a set of measures that contributed to financial transparency and a reduction in the share of the shadow sector in the economy, and tax legislation was improved.

Alexander Martynov presented the data that were achieved in the economy as a result of measures taken by the Government.

For example, GDP growth amounted to 2%, industrial production increased by 11% (excluding MMZ) compared to 2018, and investment in the economy increased by 1.3 times.

In general, the deputies were satisfied with the work of the executive authority. There were a lot of questions to the Chairman of government and the Heads of ministries. Pyotr Pasat specified what the Government is doing to create jobs in the republic, as it is problematic to find work in the Dubossary district. Alexander Martynov noted: based on the results of three and a half years, we can talk about creating 5.5 thousand new jobs. Only in the labor market there are almost 3.5 thousand vacancies - workers are needed in all spheres and sectors of the economy.

The restoration of land reclamation systems issue was raised by Deputy Vitaly Kalin. He specified what the Government has plans for the restoration of reclamation systems and pumping stations in the Rybnitsa district in the village of Vykhvatintsy. According to the Government Chairman, in the near future 5 of the most popular pumping stations will be restored. There is no information on the object in the village of Vykhvatintsy yet. It should be noted that for this year, according to the agro-industrial complex development program, an additional 12 million rubles were redirected to the budget on the reclamation initiative of the Supreme Council deputies. It is planned to repair 8 irrigation stations, including the main one in Tashlyk, as well as main canals in the Rybnitsa district and the village of Chobruchi.

The parliamentarians asked the Chairman of the Government about the development of health care and social policy, about the economy and investments, and about other issues that concern Pridnestrovians. In addition to the positive nuances, criticism was also expressed. Leadership of the executive branch took criticism constructively.

The Parliament Speaker noted that the “soft” debriefing does not imply any sanctions, but focuses on these points. In order to make decisions in the future either more quickly or more efficiently.

The PMR Supreme Council adopted draft resolution on the report of the government for 2019. The issues that worried the deputies will be worked out by the Government together with parliamentarians.