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From the ground to the counter


The President Vadim Krasnoselsky visited Fialt-Agro, one of the largest agricultural complexes not only in the Rybnitsa district, but also in the republic. The website of the President reports this. The company was established 15 years ago. Its head, deputy of the Supreme Council Sergei Pisarenko noted that production is expanding every year, a number of jobs is increasing.

The deputy showed how the process of harvesting fodder for cattle is going on. The subject of special pride of local farmers is a modern combine harvester. The renewal of equipment was made possible thanks to financial assistance from the Russian Federation, aimed at lending to the agro-industrial complex.

The Pridnestrovian agrarians strive to work on the principle of a closed production cycle. "From the ground to the counter" - this motto was once chosen for themselves by the founders of Fialt-Agro. Today, they say, they are close to one hundred percent realization of the plan: by the beginning of the summer it is planned to launch in Parkany a dairy plant that will "close" this very cycle of agricultural production.

The president also visited the farm. The livestock is approximately1400 animals. The farm in general gives more than 10 tons of milk a day. While it arrives at the Tiraspol Dairy. Fialt-Agro with the opening of Parkany will process it on its own, supplying to the retail chains not only meat but also dairy products.