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Online learning will be regulated by law


The basic law "On Education" will prescribe the norms on distance learning. This concerns the occurrence of emergency situations, the introduction of a special legal regime on the territory of Pridnestrovie. It will also be possible to conduct remotely planned certification of heads of organizations and teachers. It will be possible to provide copies of education or qualifications in a scanned version, and not only in paper for study or work.

The transition to online education is a forced and necessary measure for Pridnestrovie, taken in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection. For the first time, schoolchildren, students of universities, technical schools and colleges switched to distance learning in the spring of this year during the state of emergency and restrictive quarantine measures. Since November 16, by the decision of Operational Headquarters, partial training "by remote control" is in effect. This is how students from grades 5 to 11, students of colleges, technical schools and universities study now. Primary school students are still doing offline work: at desks and in personal contact with the teacher.

The deputies in the first reading supported this initiative of the profile committee. Work on the law-in-draft will be continued in the second reading.