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Oleg Bayev, "Together we can solve the problems of improvement"


Deputy of the Supreme Council for constituency No. 10 "Severny" of Dubossary and Dubossary district Oleg Bayev presented a report on the work for the year.


Report on the work done by the deputy of the Supreme Council of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic

Oleg Markovich Bayev

“I would like to sincerely congratulate you, my dear voters, on the Coming 2022 on the eve of the long-awaited New Year and Christmas holidays and wish that this holiday will bring good mood, good meetings, friendly communication, and family well-being to every home.

The end of December is significant in that we can appreciate the full scale of the work that you and I managed to implement in 2021.

I want to note right away that the deputy is not a lone fighter. Each of us works as a team. Otherwise, nothing would have happened. My team is first of all the residents of the district, who are always nearby, a social asset that helps to see and highlight the most pressing issues. The deputy could not have done anything without the support of these active and caring people! Many tasks can be solved thanks to joint work with the administrations of the city of Dubossary and the Dubossary district. We work together, so we succeed in a lot! We do it for our people!

There are 21 settlements, active and caring people live in our district. I try to support their initiatives, be it events of public organizations, the opportunity to show their creative talents or landscaping. Memorable gifts and souvenirs are purchased for celebrations dedicated to Children's Day, Temple events. So the district's first graders were allocated 100 portfolios with sets of writing materials in 2021 as in previous years. Assistance was provided with materials for the reconstruction of the football field in the city of Dubossary, not to mention the repairs in the houses of culture and libraries of the district, which were carried out in parallel with the implementation of the Fund of Voters' Orders for 2021, as well as assistance in strengthening the material and technical base of cultural institutions of Dubossary district.

I try to provide targeted assistance to my voters who are in a difficult situation together with this. They are assisted in purchasing firewood for stove heating, funds are partially allocated for operations or the purchase of medicines.

Those who have experienced force majeure also need help. Material assistance was rendered to a large family to restore an apartment after a gas boiler caught fire.

We constantly cooperate with institutions of the social sphere – schools, kindergartens, centers of additional education. This makes it possible to strengthen their material and technical base, and promptly carry out the necessary repairs.

Such work continued from the Deputy Fund of Voters' Orders in 2021. 350 thousand rubles were spent on:

- reconstruction of sanitary facilities of schools in the villages of Krasny Vinogradar and Doibany 2,

- purchase of a boiler and stainless steel sinks for a school in the Lunga neighborhood,

- purchase of a boiler for the Lastochka kindergarten in the Korzhevo microdistrict,

- purchase of fittings for the installation of plumbing (50 toilets and 20 sinks) in the Dubossary industrial college,

- repair of the group and the sanitary unit, purchase of a boiler for the kindergarten "Thumbelina" in the village of Dzerzhinskoye,

- purchase of a glucometer for the feldsher-obstetric station of the village of Dzerzhinskoe,

- purchase of a color printer for a school in the village of Dzerzhinskoe,

- purchase of sets of computer equipment for kindergartens "Thumbelina" in the village of Dzerzhinskoye and "Golden Cockerel" in Lunga, the House of Culture in the village of Goyany and the state administration of the village of Novo-Komissarovka,

- lighting of the courtyard area of ​​multi-storey buildings in the Lunga microdistrict,

- construction of a ramp to the House of Culture in the Korzhevo microdistrict.

I tried to reflect in my report only large-scale works and projects.

We still have many serious tasks ahead related to the improvement of our common home. I am convinced that through joint efforts we will be able to solve them. We will do our best to make comfort and well-being the basis for life in our native land.

Dear fellow countrymen, may your health be strong, may your deeds be good, may peace and tranquility reign in every family, and success accompanies everyone on the path of life! "