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of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic

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The next plenary meeting will be held on December 24


The PMR Supreme Council will hold the second plenary session this week on the 24th of December. The agenda will be busy. But the main issues of offline discussion will be the third reading of the republican budget for 2022 and consideration of A.V. Martynov for the post of the PMR Government Chairman.

“The PMR President Vadim Nikolaevich Krasnoselsky proposed Alexander Vladimirovich Martynov for the post of the Government Chairman for the next 5 years. We consider that 5 years of work together with the PMR President and the Supreme Council have shown a certain positive result. Considering the proposal, the Legislation Committee prepared a draft Resolution on the approval of this candidacy. We will consider at the plenary session. There are, like all people, questions about the activities of a leader at one level or another. But we consider that all these roughnesses can be eliminated in working order and we consider in general that the work with the government over the past five years has shown positive dynamics and positive results. In this regard, I suppose that the deputies of the Supreme Council will approve this candidacy", - emphasized the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic Alexander Korshunov.