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United with common memory and pain


A nationwide Memorial Day for dead defenders of the republic in Pridnestrovie is on the 1st of August. The war ended on the banks of the Dniester 26 years ago. Memorable events in Tiraspol began with the action "Immortal Regiment". Early in the morning people of different ages and professions, defenders of the republic, relatives and friends of the dead fighters began to gather in the center of the city. Black and white portraits of heroes who gave their lives for peace in the republic are in their hands.

The immortal regiment passed along the main street of the capital. Memorable events continued at the Memorial of Glory. The meeting was attended by the President Vadim Krasnoselsky, Prime Minister Alexander Martynov, Vice Speaker Galina Antyufeeva, parliamentarians Igor Buga, Grigory Dyachenko, Oleg Belyakov, Ilona Tyuryaeva, Sergei Pisarenko, Ruslan Gareev, Ivan Nedelkov.

The armed Moldovan aggressors in 1992 were opposed by inexperienced in military affairs, often unarmed defenders of the young republic, those who care about the fate of the Motherland. Military actions killed 804 people, hundreds of wounded, dozens of missing persons. However, the legal assessment of the events of the 1992 in Moldova was not given.

July 21, an agreement on the peaceful settlement of the conflict on the Dniester was signed in Moscow. With the introduction of the Russian contingent, military operations ceased. Peacekeepers in Pridnestrovie were greeted as heroes-liberators, with tears in their eyes. The President emphasized that the Russian soldier has managed to preserve peace in the republic all these years. Despite enormous pressure from the outside on the peacekeeping operation, the Pridnestrovians understand: peacekeepers and peace are one thing.

Chairman of the Republican Union of defenders of Pridnestrovie  Vladimir Buchka addressed the relatives and friends of those who died, those who, in 1992 with weapons in their hands, fought for the right to live in their native land, the right to educate children in peace and harmony.

At the end of the meeting, representatives of the authorities and public organizations, relatives of the deceased, defenders of Pridnestrovie laid flowers to the memorial.