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Common Pain


Parliamentarians, along with all Russians and Pridnestrovians, mourn for the death of passengers of the An-148 of the Saratov Airlines. Flowers at the consulate of the Russian Federation in Tiraspol were laid by the President Vadim Krasnoselsky, the speaker of the parliament Alexander Shcherba, the vice-speaker Galina Antyufeeva, the deputies of the Supreme and capital councils, members of the government, representatives of political parties and public organizations.

There were 65 passengers and six crew members on board the crashed plane in the Moscow region, a flight from Moscow to Orsk. Their death became a common pain for relatives, compatriots and not only residing in Russia. Pridnestrovians also came to express it by tradition to a visiting consular post. The parapet was laid with fresh flowers...

At the end of the mourning ceremony, the head of the legislature Alexander Shcherba told in an interview to the parliamentary press-service why the ordinary Pridnestrovians, the heads of state authorities came to this place.